Our Approach to Short and Long Term Health Care

The Health Center at Bloomingdale offers short and long term care in a secure and caring environment. When a resident is admitted to our nursing home and rehabilitation center, our skilled team of trained professionals meets with the resident and family member, providing a unique and highly personalized plan of care.

Through our Family Approach to Caring Model we are able to provide a lively and caring community with a staff that diligently addresses each residents’ needs promptly. Our residents are continually assessed for changes to optimize their function and quality of life. Our plan of care always reflects the residents’ individual and personal choices.

Helping our residents achieve maximum functionality and independence is our goal. This is the commitment we make to the exceptional people we serve.

TOP 10 Reasons to feel comfortable about making a referral to us.

  • Our family approach to caring
  • Our loyal and dedicated facility staff
  • Our commitment to always being available for our residents and their families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Our seamless admission process, allowing easy transition into our home
  • Our interdisciplinary approach to care providing personalized healthcare to our residents
  • Our commitment to consider each patient as unique and provide diverse, stimulating activities, entertainment and a quiet family room to host private parties.
  • Our exceptionally trained culinary staff who prepare delicious meals to meet our residents’ nutritional needs
  • Our support and involvement as a resource within our local communities
  • Our pledge to manage difficult and complex cases and to provide ongoing communication and education to all family members
  • Our continuous goal to be recognized as the premier provider of skilled nursing and rehabilitation services within the communities we serve



Our therapeutic recreation department plays a critical role in bringing about the positive health outcomes experienced by our residents. This dedicated, compassionate team of professionals provides a stimulating and engaging activities program with our residents on a daily basis. This is crucial to our residents feeling a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life, fundamentally improving their attitude, life balance and emotional well-being.

Residents who engage in meaningful activities are less likely to feel isolated or depressed when given the opportunity to interact with one another. Our activities program facilitates socialization, leading to numerous physiological and psychological benefits. Residents are encouraged to participate in the innovative activities offered at our facility as well as regularly scheduled outside trips. Some of these trips include a day of shopping and lunch, or a relaxing afternoon at the movies. Our rehabilitation center and nursing home in Bloomingdale is closely located to many places of interest, making for convenient and local trips.

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